5 Questions with the makers of MODA, the world’s first digital make-up artist


What would you do if I told you that there is a product that can 3D print any make-up look of your choosing, directly on your face? Sounds a bit space-age right? I spoke to the makers of MODA, a Swedish beauty and personal care company called FOREO. You can read the full article on brandchannel.com.

MAC x Cinderella

I know I posted a few weeks ago about how much FOMO I had been having over totally neglecting to purchase the MAC x Cinderella products. Long story short: they sold out instantly and were all over Instagram taunting me.

I had a bit of a Fairy Godmother moment myself and these two beauties magically came into my possession. I have to say, I was really wanting Royal Ball (the pinker color) but I ended up liking the look of Free As A Butterfly (the nude looking color) much more. I could go on and on gushing about the gorgeous pale blue packaging, and  I am clearly not alone in my sentiment.

Both colors are sheer and very very shiny, but I feel like their pigment is understated enough to be practical/appropriate for every day wear.


Elf–Complexion Correction

I’m going to try some complexion correction with this elf palette. I have always seen these colorful concealers but have never attempted to try them. Maybe I found them a bit intimidating or convinced myself it wouldn’t work. But hey -I am going to give it a shot.

I’m particularly interested in trying the yellow for dark circles under my eyes and the green for redness. Also, can I mention that the palette was $3 and the brush was $3. I love elf.


The Time I Went to Daiso

This is definitely #latergram of blogposts, so please forgive me. I forgot I had photos of these little gems on phone.

I finally had the pleasure of visiting Daiso, which is basically a Japanese dollar store. I have seen some blog and instagram posts from people who have gone and I’ve been so jealous/fascinated/intrigued all at once. When I came across the store I ran straight for the beauty aisle, because, hey, it’s me. I paced up and down the aisle for 20 minutes, examining everything, trying to deicide what I wanted to get. Daiso had a lot of things I didn’t need, like eyelash curlers and make-up sponges. I ultimately walked away with three essentials and items that I thought were unique to the store. I spent a grand total of $4.50. Here’s what I bought:a face-washing brush, the cutest contact lens case and charcoal-pore strips which work surprisingly well.  *Side note: The packaging is so cool and eye-catching, I think that’s one thing we’re really lacking on in American cosmetics.

So long story short, if you have the chance to pop into Daiso, do it! There are tons of cool trinkets and finds (not just beauty products) that the store sells.




Tony Moly: K-Town Beauty

As my obsession with foreign beauty products continues, this past weekend I finally made it to Tony Moly’s K-Town location. I’ve been meaning to hit this store for some time now, but always had something holding me up. After a few weeks of planning to go, I actually went this past weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I wanted to get —knowing that they sell some of the brand’s products at Urban Outfitters, it was important to me that I purchase something unique to the store. After debating for a half an hour over a few things in the very tiny store, I decided on the following:

  • Tomatox Magic Massage Pack-  this is basically a brightening/clarifying mask
  •  Changing Magic Mask (sheet box)- this pack comes with 7 masks




Isn’t the packaging amazing? I tried the mask last night and I really liked it. Not sure about the brightening effect, since I’m starting with a very fair base (read-super pale). It did leave my skin feeling firm, and that’s reason enough to keep using this product.



Um…can we please talk about what this says? Lost in translation….?


I haven’t tried any of the sheet masks yet but it comes in the following varieties:

  • Black Pearl
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Red Wine
  • Tea Tree
  • Green Apple
  • Royal Jelly
  • Brid’s Nest

Should be interesting! Do you have any favorite Tony Moly products?

Jenesequa: Festival Make-Up

Hi lovely readers,

It’s that time again: I have a new article up on Jenesequa about beauty products for music festivals. I’m going to Governor’s Ball in NYC in a few weeks and I needed to do this research for myself anyway!


To further inspire you about music festivals, I’ll leave you with my favorite moment from Coachella:

Upcoming Beaty Lines

I’m not sure what I am going to do –I’ve just read that Michael Kors is now coming out with a beauty line. Not to mention Marc Jacobs’ upcoming line hitting Sephora shelves this fall. And Lanvin x Lancome in June. My beauty bar at home is already overstocked. Despite the fact that I’m 100% sure I must own something from each collection, I am so looking forward to seeing what these designers are going to come up with. I love a good fashion/beauty crossover. It’s a great way to add an extension to a brand and increase an empire by working with an already loyal customer base.

My predictions:

Michael Kors– probably a lot of golds: tanner, bronzer, orangey-shimmery powder. Elle UK is reporting the collection will be divided into themes: sporty, sexy, and glam (that sounds like the essence of MK) and will aslo feature lip colors and after-sun creams. The collection will be available in August at Macy’s, exclusively.

Marc Jacobs– Based on the success of his perfumes, I’m sure MJ cosmetics will be a hit. We’ve already seen a glimpse of the nail polish bottles and they seem to be off to a great start packaging-wise. I hope he goes all out with a full-line of make-up: foundation, powders, palettes, blush, and of course nail polish. I’m imagining pales and darkest darks.

Lanvin x Lancome– This is more of a partnership, but it still counts in my eyes. Alber has created an amazing video for the collab so I’m hoping to see elements of his illustration in the collection. Hopefully we’ll see bright colors, pasteles and nail polish!

What other fashion houses have yet to venture into beauty? Can they successfully make the cross over? What existing houses have beauty lines, but could be doing better? Just some food for thought.




The Balm at Duane Reade


I was walking on Centre st. Saturday night and needed to stop at a Duane Reade for a few things. Somewhere between Spring and Broome was where I found thins Duane, it’s a lovely old building that’s been converted into New York’s favorite convenience store. Now here’s the thing with Duane: some are good, and some are not so good. A “good” Duane has all theses amazing new make up lines in what they call a “Look Boutique”. They carry POP beauty, Cargo, Gosh, Demeter fragrances and more. To my surprise I walked into the pharmacy and see a beauty stand for the brand The Balm. I couldn’t believe it. This brand is practically exclusive to online sales. Sephora carries a few of their products but not the entire line. As I stood gawking in front of The Balm display, I still could not believe the products were just sitting there, right before my eyes.

Here’s what I know about The Balm. Their packaging is amazing, think benefit but less modern and more 50’s kitschy-type names. People swear by their products, it’s totally a cult favorite. It’s also a higher end brand, more like something that would be sold in Sephora rather than a drugstore. I’m really glad Duane is trying to change drugstore beauty as we know it and aim for a more boutique-like feel. I think it’s a smart decision to bring in higher-end beauty brands into pharmacies, as it should be a mutually beneficial relationship.