Upcoming Beaty Lines

I’m not sure what I am going to do –I’ve just read that Michael Kors is now coming out with a beauty line. Not to mention Marc Jacobs’ upcoming line hitting Sephora shelves this fall. And Lanvin x Lancome in June. My beauty bar at home is already overstocked. Despite the fact that I’m 100% sure I must own something from each collection, I am so looking forward to seeing what these designers are going to come up with. I love a good fashion/beauty crossover. It’s a great way to add an extension to a brand and increase an empire by working with an already loyal customer base.

My predictions:

Michael Kors– probably a lot of golds: tanner, bronzer, orangey-shimmery powder. Elle UK is reporting the collection will be divided into themes: sporty, sexy, and glam (that sounds like the essence of MK) and will aslo feature lip colors and after-sun creams. The collection will be available in August at Macy’s, exclusively.

Marc Jacobs– Based on the success of his perfumes, I’m sure MJ cosmetics will be a hit. We’ve already seen a glimpse of the nail polish bottles and they seem to be off to a great start packaging-wise. I hope he goes all out with a full-line of make-up: foundation, powders, palettes, blush, and of course nail polish. I’m imagining pales and darkest darks.

Lanvin x Lancome– This is more of a partnership, but it still counts in my eyes. Alber has created an amazing video for the collab so I’m hoping to see elements of his illustration in the collection. Hopefully we’ll see bright colors, pasteles and nail polish!

What other fashion houses have yet to venture into beauty? Can they successfully make the cross over? What existing houses have beauty lines, but could be doing better? Just some food for thought.




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