The Time I Went to Daiso

This is definitely #latergram of blogposts, so please forgive me. I forgot I had photos of these little gems on phone.

I finally had the pleasure of visiting Daiso, which is basically a Japanese dollar store. I have seen some blog and instagram posts from people who have gone and I’ve been so jealous/fascinated/intrigued all at once. When I came across the store I ran straight for the beauty aisle, because, hey, it’s me. I paced up and down the aisle for 20 minutes, examining everything, trying to deicide what I wanted to get. Daiso had a lot of things I didn’t need, like eyelash curlers and make-up sponges. I ultimately walked away with three essentials and items that I thought were unique to the store. I spent a grand total of $4.50. Here’s what I bought:a face-washing brush, the cutest contact lens case and charcoal-pore strips which work surprisingly well.  *Side note: The packaging is so cool and eye-catching, I think that’s one thing we’re really lacking on in American cosmetics.

So long story short, if you have the chance to pop into Daiso, do it! There are tons of cool trinkets and finds (not just beauty products) that the store sells.




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