H&M Beauty….Finally!

Things have been a bit crazy at work and I’ve been cut off from all “beauty news” over the past week and missed the launch of H&M Beauty. I was reading an article today about all the products and I immediately ran across the street from my office to H&M.  While I was hoping to take a look at the hair products, the H&M I went to didn’t have them. I’m assuming the flagship at Herald Square only carries the full line.

So of course I had to pick up a few things. There were 4 displays: Nails, Lips, Eyes, Face, Blushes and accessories. I believe all of their products are between $1.99-$25, something like that. I would say that most of the items were moderately priced in the $6-$13 range. I had to exercise much restraint but I opted for the lash curler (who doesn’t need?), a makeup sponge, an eyebrow pencil and a lip crayon (of course). I have to say the displays were very nice and well thought out. The packaging is super clean and simple, but it works. I can’t wait to see how these products stand up and what they continue to create. What do you all think: would you use H&M’s new beauty products? Are you excited about them?

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