Lush ‘Godiva’

After having purchased Flying Fox by Lush I’ve fallen victim to the captivating scent of jasmine.

After branching with friends yesterday I rounded the block of 61st street and was overwhelmed by the multitude of sweet soapy smells. This could only be one place: Lush! I went in looking for a small bottle of American Cream conditioner (inspired by another beauty blogger’s post) but they didn’t have the small size I was hoping for. I asked about a few other products which the staff were very enthused to show me. I mentioned my love for the heavy jasmine scent of Flying Fox and she showed me a few products including the Lust solid perfume and another jasmine-scented oil. Anyway, I walked away with a solid shampoo ‘Godiva’, which I am really curious to try. I can’t wait to be overwhelmed by the scent in my hair!


2 thoughts on “Lush ‘Godiva’

  1. Catherine Dream says:

    Oh anything jasmine or lavender is a DEFINITE win for me – I have a bottle of each oil and I just adore adding them to my diy concoctions : )

    This bar looks interesting! I haven’t used Godiva, only Karma and that smelled HEAVENLY.

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