August Empties

I just had two of my absolute favorite products run out. Lush Flying Fox shower gel and First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. You may remember my last post of Empties, where I also had the F.A.B face cleanser. I do love this product. I feel like you can’t go wrong with this brand. So naturally, I must be off to sephora tomorrow to buy another! 

The Lush Flying Fox shower gel is one of my favorite scents. Seriously. I wish there were popular jasmine fragrances out there. I’d totally rock it. I’ve gone through a few bottles of this shower gel and they actually last a pretty long time. I think one of the employees told me that the gel doesn’t contain that much water so the formula is much more concentrated which is why a little will go a long way, and the product can last. I’m dying to go to Lush but for whatever reason I don’t have the same self control that I do when I go into Sephora. When I go to Lush I end up leaving with 4 or 5 things! Maybe it’s all the events that get me. 

What are your favorite products you’re constantly running out of?

Winter Skincare

I can’t tell you how many beauty articles I have read about winter skincare but none of them seem to fit my exact needs. Without sounding TMI I’ve been breaking out a bit + battling extreme winter dryness. I bought the Murad Acne Starter Kit a few weeks ago and it turned my skin into a dry, flaky nightmare. I returned the kit to Sephora and marched straight over to Lush after reading a a bunch of reviews on their skincare products.

They are super helpful at Lush and the associate was quick to recommend a bunch of options for me to try. I ended up going with a thick and soothing facial cleanser called Ultrabland. It’s made with beeswax and I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it. If you have extremely dry skin I think this product is definitely worth a try. I also picked up a facial toner called Eau Roma Water (how cute, right?) and an scene treatment called Grease Lightning. I’ve been using the products for only a few days but I am seeing a huge difference in the dryness. And the best part of Lush? They’re always quick to offer you a sample of pretty much anything you want. I opted for a facial cleanser called Aqua Marina which is a soft and soothing cleanser made with chamomile.

I can’t say enough good things about Lush products. I’ve never been disappointed. I highly recommend.



Lush ‘Godiva’

After having purchased Flying Fox by Lush I’ve fallen victim to the captivating scent of jasmine.

After branching with friends yesterday I rounded the block of 61st street and was overwhelmed by the multitude of sweet soapy smells. This could only be one place: Lush! I went in looking for a small bottle of American Cream conditioner (inspired by another beauty blogger’s post) but they didn’t have the small size I was hoping for. I asked about a few other products which the staff were very enthused to show me. I mentioned my love for the heavy jasmine scent of Flying Fox and she showed me a few products including the Lust solid perfume and another jasmine-scented oil. Anyway, I walked away with a solid shampoo ‘Godiva’, which I am really curious to try. I can’t wait to be overwhelmed by the scent in my hair!