Drugstore Favorites: Summer Edition



One of my stranger hobbies is shopping drugstore makeup aisles. Store of choice: Target, for obvious reasons. These are my new favorite drugstore products that I’ve become obsessed with. url

Essie “Sugar Daddy”– Cheeky name. Perfect color. Would work well as the base for a french manicure (do people still do french manicures?). Ok so I didn’t just pick this up randomly, I have to confess that I read an article on xovain (my current favorite beauty site) about a girl using this color for her wedding because she liked Giada De Laurentiis’ nails and this is one of the colors she apparently used. So I bought it too. url-2

eos lip balm– I think I have (self-diagnosed)  chronic chapped lips. It’s either that or I’m weirdly addicted to chapstick. Eos has now glamorized chapped lips. I have 2 of these babies: strawberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry. I have to have one within reach at all times. Addiction at its finest.


Maybelline’s The Colossal- I was a strictly Maybelline Falsies girl until I picked this up. I saw some magical formula on Pintrest that suggest something like 2 coats of Falsies followed by 1 coat of Colosial. Anyways, I’ve been venturing out lately in the mascara dept. and I wanted to try something new. And I was at Target. Done.

You can be a drugstore maven too. Just hit up your local Duane or CVS (they sell Katy Perry false eyelashes). Or shop at drugstore.com.

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