I finally went over to elf store and made actual purchases. I’ve been in there a couple other times and have been in a hurry so I’ve never taken the time to really look around. elf is very much a cult favorite beauty brand. It’s super cheap but somehow the products are actually amazing quality. I bought 3 things, as you’ll see, and my total was $9. That’s insane. For the most part, I’ve only ever seen the brand at Target. And in NYC, Target is hard to come by. Plus the selection is usually picked over. I’m so happy that elf has a store, now I need NYX to open up shop!

So here is what I bought:


Volume Plumping Mascara: I like this product but it’s not great. Worth the $3 I spent for maybe a casual weekend look. I like a dramatic looking mascar and this is definitely creates a more subtle eye.

Rose Red Matte Lip Color: I am in love with this color. I’ve worn it twice and have gotten so many compliments on the color. It’s a great formula too, it’s long lasting and  not drying.

Retractable Lip Brush: Haven’t opened this up yet (lazy) but I’ve been wanting to try a lip brush for when I use darker colors.



Me wearing the red matte lip color

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