Bauble Bar x PopSugar Event

Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend an event for BaubleBar x Popsugar at BaubleBar’s Soho pop-up shop. I walked in and they handed me a $10 off coupon. Winner. The store was incredible and filled with people snapping photos, sipping Godiva cocktails and admiring the jewelry. I actually have done a lot of research on BaubleBar because I recently wrote a piece on the company and their dive into brick and mortar (I’ll post it once it’s up). The company and their business model is really cool. They’re a part of the new wave of technology-inspired retail experiences. But again more about that in a different post. Back to the party: I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise the store had but I’m not surprised because the shop is supposed to carry everything that’s on the website. That’s a lot of baubles. After being indecisive for 45 minutes I decided on a bracelet and earrings. I think it was a good choice. Check out the shop if you’re in NYC!

BaubleBar Soho 131 Greene St.

Check out their calendar of events here.






The chevron earrings in the middle were a gift with purchase. They look a bit preppy for my style so I think I’ll give them to my sister for her birthday (Ali, if you’re reading this: happy early birthday).

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