My Week With Marilyn

In light of my recent Grace Kelly post, I figured it would only be right to recognize another style icon of sorts –Marilyn Monroe. I have always liked Marilyn, in fact I can pin point it to the first time I ever saw a Warhol print of her. For my 16th birthday one of my friends got me a poster of the pink Marilyn face, 6 years later and it’s still in my room. But my feelings aside, when I heard that Michelle Williams was going to play Marilyn I was ecstatic. And then I saw the Vogue cover and it was absolutely surreal. They make Michelle look just like Marilyn and I know that she is probably the best actress out there for the part. Even though Marilyn’s life was tragic underneath the glamour, I think a lot of people, including myself, are fascinated by her. I am eager for the movie and hope that it’ll be a success for both Michelle and Marilyn.

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