Style Watch: Michelle Williams, Hollywood Film Awards 2011

Michelle is wearing Nina Ricci and was awarded the Hollywood Actress Award for My Week With Marilyn. Check out the rest of the pictures here.



My Week With Marilyn

In light of my recent Grace Kelly post, I figured it would only be right to recognize another style icon of sorts –Marilyn Monroe. I have always liked Marilyn, in fact I can pin point it to the first time I ever saw a Warhol print of her. For my 16th birthday one of my friends got me a poster of the pink Marilyn face, 6 years later and it’s still in my room. But my feelings aside, when I heard that Michelle Williams was going to play Marilyn I was ecstatic. And then I saw the Vogue cover and it was absolutely surreal. They make Michelle look just like Marilyn and I know that she is probably the best actress out there for the part. Even though Marilyn’s life was tragic underneath the glamour, I think a lot of people, including myself, are fascinated by her. I am eager for the movie and hope that it’ll be a success for both Michelle and Marilyn.