I’ve been meaning to do this post for the past week or so and am finally getting around to doing it. I wanted to thank you all for following me! I’ve reached 100+ followers and I’m so happy to be able to share this news with you all. I hope to continue to bring you the best beauty news and insights. Now on to 1000!



I had 2 products that just happen to run out at the same time.

Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo— I bought this a long time ago. A very very long time ago. My issue with it was that it made my scalp so dry, I couldn’t use it anymore. But recently I began using a T-Gel shampoo on the top of my head/roots and this color shampoo for the mid-shaft to ends of my hair. I thought this was a smart way to finish the bottle but now as I am throwing this thing away I feel like my ends are drier than ever! Not good. No amount of deep conditioning seems to help either. All this being said, I ran out of this shampoo but will never buy this one again.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser–I’ve bought this cleanser 3 times now. Sephora offers a dual pack of the face cleanser and their moisturizer which is for extremely dry skin. I found great results using the cleanser throughout the winter and I still love it for the summer. Yes, my skin is that dry! Since I ran out of this I realize I need to get to a Sephora ASAP to buy another.

Go-to Nail Color

I think we all have one. Mine is Essie’s Sugar Daddy. I barely have any left, I need to pick up another bottle. Do you have a go-to nail color? What is it? 


Beauty PSA: You Need a Loyalty Program

Dear MAC,
I love all your products, but you don’t have a loyalty program and therefore I feel no incentive to purchase from you. I’d rather go to Sephora where I can earn points towards rewards and even take advantage of their semi-annual sales. A product recycling program isn’t enough.

Call me when you get a loyalty program,

I know I can’t be the only one who wishes MAC had a loyalty program and I find it strange they haven’t created one. They’re missing out on a huge opportunity: consumer data. Sephora is at their level of digital excellence because they create immersive and highly personal omnichannel experiences for their customers. Ulta is the same — I love shopping there because I know they have sales, rewards and more that I can take advantage of just by purchasing. There is a reciprocal relationship that comes with a loyalty program; one where you give the consumer incentive to shop with rewards and exclusive offers and in return you get tracking and data capture, as this insightful L2 video explains. I am calling MAC out in this post, but there are tons of other brands who haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity and I’m not sure why.

PSA to beauty brands: You want your customers data in order to better cater to their wants and needs. Loyalty programs are an easy way to do this. You can analyze and track purchase behaviors and in return for their data, give them rewards for being a loyal customer.

Etude House – K-Beauty

One of my friends just got back from Seoul, Korea. I can’t begin to tell you how jealous I am of her trip. She was so kind and brought me back two little gems from Etude House, which is my favorite Korean beauty brand that I own nothing from. I think most of you will agree with me when I say Etude House’s packaging is the cutest —it’s super girly and fun. I asked for a nude or pink lipstick and I think she got it right. She also brought me back the most adorable hand cream in a castle packaging. The hand cream smells like rose, my favorite scent, and it’s super light.

My Castle hand cream in Forever Rose and Dear My Blooming lipstick in BE 107.

How cute is this little castle?!

This is two swipes of the lip color, it’s actually got some glitter in it which I’m not too sure about but it only surfaced after I wiped it off. I’ll report back on the glitter situation after I wear it out.