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I’m not sure what it is about hair that I’m so fascinated by, and when I say hair I mean not just any type of hair, I mean extensions. I have wanted extensions for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t think normal people i.e. not celebrities, got them. Maybe that’s because of the maintenance, or the price, or the price to maintain them. It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto that a place caught my eye, called Doll Bar, a salon that exclusively offered blow outs and extensions. I thought this was the most mind-blowingly-cool idea for a salon, I was ready for this idea to become the next blow-out bar. I soon made my way to New York a few months later, and I thought that there would surely be something similar, this is New York after all. But it seemed the trendiest and most fashion forward place on Earth, was lacking. How could they be missing something like this? Fast forward to 3 years later: Enter RPZL. Just a few blocks away from my office, I stumbled upon this salon back in September when they only had their coming soon signage up. Since then I’ve been patiently waiting for the salon to open up, and now it finally has. (P.S. How about that awesome name?!)

 Here’s a look at their work from RPZL’s Instagram

I think what’s so great about this salon is that they’re breaking down the barriers and misconceptions surrounding extensions. Calling themselves a NextGen Beauty Destination, their website very clearly explains the options for extensions that can be determined based on your budget and lifestyle. Nothing a consultation can’t fix. Not everyone has the time or money to maintain bonded extensions, so RPZL also offers clip-ins and adhesive tape extensions. Clip ins are pretty self-explanatory and low maintenance. Adhesive tape is less damaging to the root but typically only last for 6-8 weeks.  And for those who are wanting more time between salon visits, RPZl’s also offers keratin bonded extensions. They use a high-tech sound activation process  that allows for a quicker application and results in healthier hair due to their unique no-heat method. RPZL only uses 100% Virgin Remy Hair. To break it down: Virgin: no added colors or chemicals, Remy: highest quality of human hair because when cut, the cuticles are kept in tact. (Suggested reading: The Secret World of Black Market Hair Extensions via Byrdie. This was a fascinating read. It’s important to know where your hair is coming from!) 

I really hope that RPZL paves the way for extensions to become more commonplace (but only when done right) in salons.  Equal (beauty) opportunity for all.

Suggested further reading: everything by Christine at xoVain, I learn something completely new every time I read her posts. Plus she has a lot of really great DIY’s with hair.

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