The Perfect Red

We all know the adage “when you stop looking…you’ll find it.” Of course this happened to me when I was gifted my new favorite red lipstick. My mom got it as a sample from Sephora and gave it to me, as she was not about to wear the fire-engine bright color. It’s called Beso: Stila All day Liquid Lipstick. 
Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 12.56.42 PMIt doesn’t look that vibrant from this photo but I assure you that it’s the brightest red I’ve ever seen. Not only is it the exact shade I was looking for, it actually stays on. It goes on as a lip creme but quickly dries to a matte velvety finish. Though I haven’t tried this, I’m sure it could be worn as a gloss-finish (for those who don’t like matte) if clear lip gloss was applied after the color dries. Currently, I only have a small sample size, but I am definitely going to purchase the full sized lip color as soon as mine runs out.

Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick, Sephora, $22, in Beso

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