NYX Face Awards 2013

You all know how I feel about NYX (*insert synonym for beyond obsessed here*). For the past few years they have hosted the FACE Awards (Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites) which is a competition among youtube beauty vloggers to find the Best Beauty Vlogger of the Year. The competition was inspired by the growing number of beauty videos surfacing on Youtube. The FACE Awards allows NYX to shine a light on these talented people and give them a chance to showcase their artistry. The winner receives $25,000, a year’s supply of NYX cosmetics, consultations with professional make up artists, and the chance to begin their career as a make up artist.

The competition began with 1000 contestants and had 3 video challenges which resulted in elimination periods. The themes were Vintage Beauty, Secret Agent, and Futuristic. The top contestants were narrowed down and the chosen ones were allowed to advance to the following rounds. I was especially impressed by the Futuristic category, all of the looks required difficult drawing and blending skills. The final round was held live in Los Angeles on August 24 and streamed on www.nyxfaceawards.com. The top 6 contestants were given 30 minutes and a model to create a Modern Goddess look.  All of the interpretations were amazing, it was exciting to watch the competition live.

In the end Missy Lynn aka start2finishmua won the Best Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Her Goddess of the Night was dark and yet still completely beautiful. I’m so happy she won! Congrats!

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 11.15.27 PM

The top 6 contestants


The winner: Missy and her model via Ulta Beauty

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 11.47.05 PM

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