International Favourites

Have you spent time abroad and found products you cannot live without, but they’re tragically not sold in the US? You are not alone. I went to England a few years ago and had a pretty good idea of what was on the UK beauty market. Fast forward to now and I so long to go back and stock up on every brand I missed! This post is dedicated to international beauty products and brands, most are from England but I’m working on spreading the international product love.

Lee Stafford- One of my favorite blogs Bird’s Words makes me miss England so much. I see all these amazing products that I’m super jealous of. Aside from all these amazing UK hair extension brands that she gets to try, she brought a new hair-care brand to my attention: Lee Stafford. The packaging is hot pink and very girly and made me want to buy. Luckily it is available in the US (I got my products at Duane Reade, but it’s also sold at Ulta). I first bought the Hair Growth Treatment in hopes that I could have mermaid hair. Honestly, I have no idea if it worked or not, it just really deep conditioned my hair and that was great. More recently I bought My Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo which is supposed to add volume. I think it definitely added texture but not totally sure on the volume.

Barry M– Oh Barry M, how I miss thee. It’s  possibly most tumbled nail polish, not that tumblr means anything, you know. The formula is ridiculous. It’s one of the only nail varnishes that will actually stay on without base/top coat. I own two colors from Barry that I bought in Boots when I was at Oxford and how I wish I had a few more.

ShuUemura- When I had my make-up done for the Refinery 29 shoot, the artist told me that I should go to K-town or Chinatown to buy make-up because I am so pale. Not sure what to think of her statement, I began to investigate some Asian beauty brands. She reccommended that I look up ShuUemura. I had heard of the brand but never knew too much about it. They used to have a store in NYC but it sadly closed. All their products are available online. I’m so tempted to buy a few things, I just have a totally unused foundation that I need to work on first.

Kevin Murphy– Back when hair chalking was first popular I discovered a cool contraption on tumblr by Australian hair brand Kevin Murphy. The chalk is adorably named: color.bug. I was obsessed for a while but fearing that I would get dye all over my clothes I opted not to purchase the bug. But recently Kevin Murphy has been in the spotlight for a new anti-aging hair treatment. Sounds cool right? My salon sells these products. (Shout out Shampoo Ave. B ) Kevin also has some stunning packaging, so bravo on that as well.

Eyeko- I first heard about Eyeko when I read that it was Alexa Chung’s eyeliner of choice? Who can argue with that? If Alexa Chung uses your product, it’s probably legit.  I got a sample of the Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Birchbox. It took me a couple of times to get used to the product. I was terrible at it but now I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

These are just a few cool international brands. Have any that you’re obsessed with?

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