Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Highlights

Alright, I let my hair go WAY too long without a highlight touch up. When I called the salon they couldn’t get me in for a week, and my hair is looking terrible. I have chunks of color and terrible grow out. So embarrassing. On my regular surveys of Sephora I came across a couple products that are meant for concealing roots. They’re like spray on color, sort of like those crazy hair paints you used as a kid. The best reviewed product was Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer for Highlights, she also makes root concealers for grey hair. I read a bunch of reviews and figured, why not! The worst reviews complained of the color not really helping and the texture the spray leaves in your hair.

I tried the spray out at Sephora and it seemed to work really well on my roots. I bought the product, assured that this was the right decision. At the end of the day, I was still happy with the staying-power of the blonde. I knew the color would be difficult to get out but prepared myself for the task of washing my hair. I scrubbed and lathered as best as I could but once my hair dried, it was still left with the strange feeling of the product. I’ve used the concealer twice and am sort of worried it’s not going to come out in time before my hair appointment. The last thing you want to do is get highlights on top of product-laden hair. I’m planning on doing a vinegar rinse, as I’ve heard that can help cleanse build up.

The Verdict: I may take this product back. I like the color it gives me, but it may not be worth it for the amount of effort it’s going to take to get this out of my hair.



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