NYX Mood Lip Gloss

During my weekly trip to Ulta I came across this fun, girly lipgloss by NYX cosmetics. It’s called Mood Lip Gloss, what a cool idea! It goes on clear and adjusts in color based on your “mood.” There are 3 shades, I bought “Romantic Love” because it’s super pinky and that’s what I was looking for. The fourth lip gloss is a “smile brightener,” not sure how that works but it’s worth looking into. The glosses are a great price ($4.50) and it’s pretty cool to see the change in color from application to your “mood.”  I’ve used it twice and it’s come out in different colors both times. Once the gloss wears off it acts as a lip stain, still leaving your lips tinted. You can get them here or at Ulta.

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