Day of Magazines

When I walked into work today, I thought “today might be the day….the day I see my writing in actual print.” And it is! Today was a very exciting day because the September issue of Where Toronto magazine is out, and I’m published in it. This is a huge milestone for me and I hope to keep getting better and get more things published. I will be in the next 4 issues as well as another magazine that we were chartered to create called SkyLife. The September issue should be online in a few days, so I’ll post a link and better pictures then. For now you’ll just have to deal with my shameless promotion:

Me and Ryan, no big deal.

Aside from my amazing publication, on the way back from lunch I FINALLY picked up the September issue of W. There must have been some kind of delay in shipping or printing because this is literally the first week it was on newsstands. I checked almost every day for the magazine. I think Kristen Stewart looks so amazing on the cover, amazing enough for me to purchase the magazine. I love W but I don’t usually buy it for whatever reason (I’m more of a Nylon girl, shhh don’t tell). Anyways, that was my day. I’m going to go read W now.

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, I wore the outfit I previously posted about. I think it was a success.

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