Jenesequa: Festival Make-Up

Hi lovely readers,

It’s that time again: I have a new article up on Jenesequa about beauty products for music festivals. I’m going to Governor’s Ball in NYC in a few weeks and I needed to do this research for myself anyway!


To further inspire you about music festivals, I’ll leave you with my favorite moment from Coachella:

JNSQ- The Rise of Fashion Illustration

Hi Lovely Readers,

I just wanted to let you all know I write for a digital magazine called Jenesequa and I’m so proud to work with them. This month I wrote an article about fashion illustration (sneak peek below) and it’s rise in popularity. It’s a free digital magazine you can download for iPad/iPhone in the App store. I would describe it as a cross between Nylon and Elle, so if either of those interest you, Jenesequa is what you need!  Add it to your reading material, you won’t regret it!



Download in the app store here:

To New York City, Love Acne Paper

I was reading a interview with Thomas Persson, editor in chief of Acne Paper. This current issue is dedicated to New York and features photos and stories about the beloved city. What struck me the most in the interview was something Perrson said about  those who come to New York. Here is the excerpt from the interview:

What do you think makes New York so mesmerizing?
Because it attracts a certain kind of person. People who choose to live in New York City are often full of ambition and drive. They have an enthusiasm for what they’re doing and for life. So it has this electric intensity that you don’t find in Europe. You come to New York if you really want to accomplish something. There’s a very high level of energy. Also, because it’s so compressed. It’s this little island, it’s a small place and the whole world has gathered here. I think that is really unique.

“You come to New York if you really want to accomplish something.” That’s my favorite part. Millions of people here in this city, struggling just to make it. But for most of us, that is something we chose. We’ve all come to New York for different reasons, but ultimately our shared reason is to be inspired.

Battle of the September Issues

GAGA on Vogue, Victoria on Glamour, Penelope on W, but so far my favorite cover is Katy Perry for Elle. Sometimes Katy can surprise us and turn on the glam. She wears a gorgeous pink Bottega dress which goes perfectly with her purple-highlighted black hair.  Which cover is your favorite so far?

Diana Agron covers Nylon Jan/Feb

Glee star Diana Agron looks positively mod on the January cover of Nylon magazine. As an avid reader of the magazine, i think their styling team worked their magic on Diana and transformed her into a Nylon girl. She looks so much like Twiggy  from the hair to the eyes and 60s-chic clothes. The second photo is my favorite outfit that she wears hence why it is included in my post. I’m not sure of all the designers she’s wearing; however, I know the shoes are by Jeremy Scott. He’s a favorite designer amongst Nylon photoshoots.

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