Hair Rehab London –by Lauren Pope

Without divulging too much about the level of obsession I have for my guilty pleasure The Only Way is Essex, I’m having my roommate who is on a European vacation look for memorabilia for me. It’s hard being in the US when your obsession is only relevant in the UK. Am I right? Being the beauty focused person I am, I asked my loving roommate to look for Lauren Pope’s Hair Rehab London extensions for me at Superdrug. He asked me how he might match my hair being over in the UK and me being stateside. I told him I trusted in his judgement and resigned to be surprised. But I was lucky enough for him to send me pictures (that is a true friend) so I can choose a color. I am so excited for these hair extensions and I wish they had these products at US drugstores. Who knows, maybe that’s in the works for Walgreens.




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