got2b styling powder

As I’ve gotten older my hair texture has changed significantly. I went from having unruly thick hair, to the finest of fine strands. My hair isn’t thinning by any means, but I feel like it’s extremely fine for having so much, and therefore FLAT. One of my friends at work recommended that I try volumizing powder. I didn’t quite understand the concept –how could powder lift my hair?

She let me borrow hers, (she briefly lived in Germany, hence why the bottle is in German) so I’ve been trying the product for the past few days. It’s the strangest thing, once you rub the powder between your fingers the consistency immediately changes to a tacky/almost wet feeling. You’re supposed to ruffle (is that an applicable word) tousle your hands through your hair, mainly at the root. The powder creates a tacky-sort-of-stiff texture in your hair, ultimately creating the volume. It’s an interesting product to say the least. I’ve read other people can get it to work all day, but it doesn’t quite do that for me. Maybe it’s because my hair is long and therefore weighty. Overall I really like the powder, even for just added texture. But I think I’ll be purchasing my own soon!




My friend’s volumizing powder, you can purchase it at drugstores or beauty supply stores.

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