Most Underrated

Ok, I know I’ve admitted that as of late my blog has taken a turn down the oh-so-glamorous beauty path. But I feel I must share everything that I currently believe in and this one is an ABSOLUTE MUST! Are you ready?

Brow Gel

This is a product that’s so underrated but actually essential to a well-polished look. An aesthetician recently told me that I had great arches. Yeah right. She went on to explain that they could be seen if I were to use a brow gel to comb my eyebrows up and over. She applied the look to my face and I was shocked. The gel brought out the natural shape of my arches and I immediately ran out to get this miracle product.

I bought Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara, you don’t need anything high end. It works on both lashes and brows. I’ve been using it for the past few days and I really think it’s opening up my face. Well kept brows are a must nowadays and it’s necessary to get them under control. I 100% recommend adding this step to your beauty routine!

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