Get Bonded

OPI’s latest collaboration with the James Bond 007 movie Skyfall is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are rich and dark and after seeing the movie, I can tell they are an accurate representation of the film. You can buy the colors individually or there are 2 gift sets: one is a 4-pack of mini’s and the other is a 3-pack of full sized colors. I chose the 3-pack because I have the OPI Nicki Minaj minis and I found them hard to work with and one of the glitter colors dried up: not worth it. Most importantly the 3-pack comes with the color “Skyfall” which is a essentially oxblood aka hottest color of the moment. I’m currently wearing the color and love the look. I didn’t see “The Man with The Golden Gun,” which is the color with gold foil in honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise. But I’m not sure it’s worth the $30 price tag. Regardless, if you only chose one color from the collection pick up Skyfall.

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