Sheer Delight!

Our guest blogger Josh Rutan is at it again:
Maybe you are sartorial royalty trolling around fashion weeks trying to get your picture taken, or an upper east side princess dashing around town, or maybe you are the hipster queen of Bushwick. It doesn’t matter which of these you associate most with, Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2013 is your go-to collection from Paris this season. Noten incorporates sheer fabrics, florals, plaids, and the perfect combination of structure and flow to create a collection that is sure to be so popular, you’ll be able to buy it all at H&M next week.
Highlights of the show include this flowing but structured look, whose skirt is sheer floral layered over plaid. Brilliant.
Sweater dress with amazing details with amazing sheer arms and detailing.

Three words – sheer plaid double-breasted blazer….ok maybe that’s more than three words but it is everything.

Oversized peplums. Can Lana Del Rey PLEASE wear this??!
Black on plaid on sheer. I think you may have already figured it out, but I can’t get enough of the sheer.

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