This and That…

    Aren’t these cherry blossom nails amazing? I’m obsessed.

Hey guys, do you have Pintrest? We should follow each other. I mainly use Pintrest for the Hair & Beauty section. There are tons of great nail art and hair tips. Oh yeah…and the recipes. But let’s not go there, I ended up making cake pops last week. That’s what Pintrest does to me.

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      On to my next order of business: I recently discovered this amazing website called Hey, Hey! Gorgeous. It’s basically a curated salon finder for your city. I once read that “finding a good salon is harder than finding a man.”  I’m a huge believer of this theory. I always have bad luck with the hair industry because I feel like I’m always a victim to their high turn-over rate. I’ve only seen the same stylist a maximum of 3 times because they leave the salon or I’ve moved to a different city. Now that I’m permanently living in New York, my quest to find a moderately priced salon began back in May. I went to the same stylist twice since then (not without issues though) and recently found out she has left the salon. I don’t care for the salon enough to keep going back, and I don’t know if I want to seek out my old stylist. I am caught in a bind and of course I’m nearing the time to get my highlights redone.

     Back to Hey, Hey! Gorgeous, I’ve been pursuing the sight all morning. Not only am I in need of highlights, I’ve caught the extensions bug. I bought some clip in extensions a couple of months ago and have fallen in love with the long hair look. So I’ve been looking for salons that do extensions, who aren’t going to cost me my entire savings. Permanent extensions are very expensive. Getting them done, styling and maintenance are going to cost quite a bit. Price is is something important to me but also that they are done correctly and in the least damaging manor. So with all that said, the site is kind of a relief because they pull all the best salons at different price points in New York City . They list all the information you’re looking for and then some.

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