NYmag: The Cut, and other things…

I seem to have a bit of downtime lately. I’ve been reading blogs like crazy, gotten into chia seeds, baked cupcakes for a friend, and written quite a lengthy article for an upcoming September issue of a digital magazine (more details to come once published, of course). While perusing beaucoups of blogs I’ve come across New York Magazine’s new site for The Cut which is their newly launched fashion site. It is truly amazing, every article is extremely interesting and quite edgy to say the least (some articles I didn’t dare open at work). Everyone should give it a browse, you won’t regret it.

Something else caught my eye as I was browsing site though: there were haunting photos of a young girl which reminding me of Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights. I looked closer at the photos and discovered they were never-before-seen vintage contact sheets of Angelica Houston circa 1967. The photos are absolutely captivating and were taken on the set of her father’s movie in Ireland. They are lovely, and below is a picture of a small portion of the larger sheet. You truly feel like photographer when looking at the full screen image The Cut launches for you, so take advantage.


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