Every Girl Should Own a Pair

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this week. I had an insanely busy schedule dealing with interviews and such, but I’m happy to say I am finally employed! I’m going to be working for a large branding firm in NYC, any advertising girl’s dream. Ever since I’ve graduated university I told myself that with my first paycheck (or probably 2) I am going to buy a pair of Louboutins. I’ve been eyeing this pair since I can remember and for the first time I can see that they’re within my reach. My goal was to get them when I was 21, it was a personal thing, but I’ll take them now: Hey, I’m not even 22 1/2 yet! This is so petty but my biggest decision will be where I purchase them from: Saks, Barneys. Bergdorfs, or the Louboutin store. Decisions, decisions. 

2 thoughts on “Every Girl Should Own a Pair

  1. Cerious says:

    Congrats on the new gig! As a native NYCer (trapped in Atl) I would suggest that you shop around. The besuty of living in a major city: There’s almost NO REASON TO BUY RETAIL!!! Now that that’s been said, since these are your first pair, you might wanna experience the magic of lower Manhattan Shopping (spiffy shopping bags and all). Either way, have fun! You’re only young and fabulous once!

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