Mary Katrantzou A/W 2012

Guest blogger Josh Rutan joins Pretty Well Dressed with his thoughts on Mary Katrantzou’s A/W 2012 collection:
I’ve seen the work of Mary Katrantzou around tumblr, blogs, magazines and the like, but it has not been until her latest A/W  2012 show at London Fashion Week that I’ve become mad for stunning silhouettes and gorgeous patterns. The construction of the garments in itself is something to admire, but when combined with of Katrantzou’s lush designs, it all becomes quite inspiring. Some of the collection gives the illusion of intricate fabrication and detail with studs, spikes, weaving, ruching and pleating (as well as a clock and a few plants), but most of these have been accomplished through her use of beautiful patterns and designs. My favorite look from the collection is the floor length long sleeve dress depicting a green hedge maze (seen below), creating a stunning design in the shoulders and the sleeves and leaving me wishing she designed menswear.

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