Michelle Williams for Boy. by Band of Outsiders

Well, it would seem its ad season lately on PrettyWellDressed. With a degree in Advertising, I suppose that I have a particular interest in fashion advertising. I always find them to be beautiful, creative and very interesting. But let’s face it, they have to be all of the above in order to grab your attention. Fashions ads show us a product, how gorgeous and luxurious it is, and make us long for the life we’d have if we were to buy the product (or something like that). Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate those 40+ pages of advertising at the front of magazines; I always love a good campaign. And right now, I’m diggin what Band of Outsiders has to offer. Michelle Williams joins the likes of past Band of Outsiders models Kirsten Dunst, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton. The lookbook tells a story so it’s best to check out the beaucoup of images here. Meanwhile, here are my favorites.


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