American Apparel Warehouse Sale

This past weekend I ventured out to American Apparel’s Warehouse Sale in Toronto. The reason I’m just now mentioning it is because today I wore a pair of tights that I bought and They are called Art Deco Pantyhose and they come in a bunch of colours. I got the black ones, but the sale also had red. I love these tights because they are thick. They aren’t your average opaque tights from Sears or H&M. I mean these are real thick. And I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me angrier than runs, ladders, and holes in my tights the first time I wear them (true story). At the sale I also bought a pair of high waisted corduroy shorts, a black v-neck (just found 2 holes in it), another pair of opaque tights (cream), 3 pairs of bloomers (2 for my sister; white and black, 1 for me; black,) , and I think that’s all. Let’s put it this way: I put a lot of stuff back to stay on my budget.

Art Deco Pantyhose

High waisted corduroy shorts (mine are indigo/not on the website)

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