DW by Kanye West S/S ’12

Take your opinions of Kanye West as a person and put them aside. The “Dark Fantasy” rapper presented his collection in Paris yesterday with the likes of Jeremy Scott, Dean and Dan Caten, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sitting front row to cheer Yeeezy on. Previously a fashion enthusiast, Kanye West could only take his love for fashion so far; that is, until now. (Confession: I am obsessed with Kanye West. But music aside his first attempt at designing a line was impressive in my opinion.) His collection is full of leather, zippers, and fur by the beau coup. One critic that I read called it “baby Balmain” and I agree with this claim. It has a Balmain essence to the collection. I try to form my own opinion before I read critics but I think we can all agree that his first collection is a fair debut but we need to see more from him to really make a decision. Does Kanye’s line contain elements of longevity and innovation that will put him on par with the Marc Jacobs’ and Tom Fords of the design world? My answer is: still unsure. Regardless, some of the looks are amazing, with a few oddities here and there. Overall I am just proud of Kanye for showing in Paris. If you’ve got the resources, talent and vision, why not use them?

Here’s the rest of the show.

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