Zara Shopping Spree

So I ventured on a 30 minute subway ride to one of my favourite malls: Yorkdale. It’s pretty high-end but it has just about every store you’d want to shop in. I allowed myself to buy an outfit since I’ve been struggling with personal style and all. As I was searching for images of the things I bought I saw the U.S. prices making me want to cry because the prices are higher in Canada, the Canadian dollar is worth more than the U.S. dollar, and we’re taxed 13%. That’s hard to deal with and for that reason I don’t think I could live here permanently. It’s so expensive. But enough about money, here is what I bought:

Striped shirt (total basic necessity for the Fall)

Red Pants (which I think will turn out to be the best investment for the Fall, as coloured denim is going to be very popular)

Black Pistol Boots (they’re probably not called that, I stole the name from the Acne pistol boots)

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