Style Identity Crisis

Since I’ve been in Toronto, I haven’t really bought much– clothes-wise. I’ve bought two very cheap shirts from one of my favourite stores Johnathan + Olivia. When TopShop brought a pop-up shop to Toronto, this is the store where they housed the collection. Amongst the Topshop brand, you’ll find Acne, Alexander Wang, A.P.C.,  and some other amazing brands I’ve never heard of. So I found 2 TopShop Unique shirts for a total of $31, pretty good deal, and that Zara shirt ($9), as I previously mentioned. But otherwise, I haven’t found anything I really like, and so I’ve come to determine that I am struggling with my personal style.

I think we all go through it, and I hate that ever-present question: “What do I want to wear today?” I think the weather here also has something to do with it, and the fact that I don’t have my entire wardrobe in Toronto with me (plane restrictions, what can you do?). I’ve always claimed my style to be “Romantically Edgy,” you can credit me for that. I really look up to Emma Roberts and Emma Watson for their style; mine is something similar. So lately I’ve been struggling with my own sense of style, and that’s been tough. I’ve included a few things that I can’t live without and that I wear everyday.

These are my staples:

(mine is like this one but no brown trimming, it’s all navy)

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