Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011

In my opinion Burberry went absolutely crazy with some of the structures of their classic peacoats. Exaggerated sleeves, shoulders and combinations of both made some of the designs completely unflattering to women. The coats look too big, which goes against the rest of the tailored looks for which Burberry is know and praised. I did appreciate the pop of color in the first few looks, then the switch to neutrals and then closing with black and white. And it looks like dalmatian will be in this fall, as Topshop Unique also used an abundance of the print in their show. Below are some of my favorites, followed by one of the awkward coats I was mentioning.

Could see Emma Watson in this coat, it’s very Chanel-inspired.

I like the A-line tunic with texture, complemented nicely by printed pants and black platforms.

The shoulders and sleeves just don’t seem to work well. It makes the chest wide and flat: two things women certainly don’t want.

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