Google has just launched Boutiques, a website that maximizes your personal style and aids you in making online purchases that aligns with your fashion sense. The site launched this week and is already pioneered by celebs and even fellow blogger and major fashion inspiration Jane Aldridge. The concept is thus: You take a 20 question quiz to help the website define your style from there it pegs you anywhere from Boho to Romantic to Edgy and so on. Boutiques is then linked to every retailer you can imagine and they pull items from all over that fit your style and put them in your “boutique.” You can shop, “love” and “hate” items, follow other’s and generally explore online stores.

I am still working on mine, and have been investigating and playing on the site for the past few days. I feel like there is more I can get out of it rather than ideas for my Christmas list, but we’ll see. It has helped me come up with a few outfit ideas based on the pieces I have seen for sale.

Here is my profile!

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