Being a Gap employee I immediately recognized this skirt Evan Rachel Wood is wearing on the November cover of Nylon. I saw her skirt and thought to myself “this looks like the gorgeous deep yellow silk skirt the Gap has right now,” and much to my surprise it was exactly the one. I am not sure how they made her fit into the skirt, because lately I have found the clothing at the Gap are not running true to size. In fact, the store is giving me and I am sure many other women, some kind of confidence boost. Everything is big, so if I have trouble wearing a size 0 skirt, there is no way Evan Rachel is fitting into it either. I hate to say it, but I wonder if they had to clip it in the back; she is so tiny. But regardless, she looks amazing, her hair stands out –being such a vibrant red. Be sure to check the Gap’s winter line, it’s actually gorgeous and in my opinion Patrick Robinson is really stepping up his game. You can buy the skirt featured on the cover here.

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