Lanvin for H&M

The Lanvin for H&M line was revealed yesterday, November 2, and will be hitting stores Noveber 20th. The price range for the womenswear is $19.99-$200+ which is a little more than I expected. Most of the dresses are $199 which, I hate to say it, I think are overpriced. I understand that Lanvin clothes normally run into the thousands but it made me a bit upset being on a college budget and whatnot. I certainly won’t be purchasing a dress, maybe if I am extra good and work over time this holiday, I will allow myself to purchase the ruffle skirt that is $59.99. The collection overall looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s just disheartening to see such high price points.  The draping and unique shapes are stunning and will be a great promotion for H&M. I don’t know how the company scored H&M but they did well. Check the entire collection here.

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