Saturday Night Chic

Tomorrow night….is Saturday. My best friend is coming up to New York to visit me and tour NYU since she was accepted their for graduate school. We plan on hitting up one of the hottest, most coveted bar/club in the city. I wanted to post what I’m thinking of wearing. This club is for the fashion elite, who’s who, models, press, pr power players and bosses of the city, so I have to be on my A-game fashion-wise. Here’s what I got so far:

  1. Hot Pink H&M Blazer
  2. H&M floral corset top (the one pictured is from Topshop and looks similar to mine)
  3. Black Lace Shorts from Zara
  4. House of Holland suspender tights from Topshop
  5. Black suede-looking wedges from H&M
  6. Pink Noveau lipstick from MAC (contemplating buying to complete this look)

If this all works out, I’ll definitely post pictures from my night out.

New York

Hi, everyone. I know it’s been a while since I last updated but I made the move to New York City to try and pursue my dream of working here full time, and possibly working in fashion. Since I’ve been here I splurged a bit on a few items and I just wanted to share:

Chanel Attraction nail polish, from the Spring 2012 runway. Apparently this is supposed to come out in May but I got it in SoHo.

Topshop MOTO Baroque Hotpants

Hot Pink Blazer from H&M

Panther Attack!

I am really a big fan of this Givenchy Fall 2011 campaign. I bought a knock-off shirt from Zara (below) that has a panther intensely staring at onlookers, in a very similar manner as depicted in this scarf. Not as fierce but it still evokes the essence of the Givenchy campaign. I love the colors: blacks, purples, greens, and just the tiniest hint of yellow. To me, it’s a dark theme and I’m all about edginess and mystery.

Top Shop also has a tank that’s a gritting panther depicted below (I’m also a fan).