Givenchy Shark Tooth Boots

Yeah, I’ve been on a Givenchy kick lately, but that’s only because Ricardo Tisci is a genius. I’m obsessed with these boots since I saw Kate Upton wear them in her July Vogue photo shoot. They seem like the perfect fall riding boot.


check them out here.

Givenchy Couture

Ricardo Tisci is at it again. This gorgeous fall couture fresh from Paris draws inspiration from the gypsies of southern Italy and 60s silhouettes. Can it get more Romantic than that? The photo set we’ve come to expect depicting the models from the front and back is complemented by a fitting German Shepard. The color palate is earthy and evokes a sense of nature. One in which the models emerge from the forest behind them. The gowns are accented with capes, fringe and hand beaded detailing.