Michael Pitt Prada Ads S/S ’12

Michael Pitt, the gorgeous star of Boardwalk Empire, poses for Prada’s Spring Summer 2012 mens campaign. His look is so unique, and I think Prada did a really good job in asking Pitt to be the face of the collection. He’s got both celebrity recognition and a model-esque face .

Out in Fur Force

By Guest Blogger: Josh Rutan, is here to comment on trends in menswear

Pops of Color

Pops of Color, or POC’s, have been making quite a splash recently with brightly colored socks, belts & other accessories to make every day ensembles a little more exciting. Versace’s newest Fall/Winter ’12/’13 is taking POC’s to the next level by introducing us to colored fur accents with colored fur lapels and scarfs. Check out these hot accents straight from Milan.