Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl

Leighton looks amazing in this fall-green cape and cute yellow hat that reminds me of Marc Jacobs’ fall 2011 line. Her mustardy-yellow bag looks like a Hermes Kelly bag, evoking Grace Kelly, whom Leighton’s character greatly admires as it looks like they will share a similar fate of marrying princes of Monaco.


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Evan Rachel Wood- The Ides of March

I went to see The Ides of March last night because I’ve been dying to see it since TIFF and it finally came out on Oct. 7. I couldn’t help but notice that Evan Rachel Wood and I sort of look alike (only in this movie though). It’s her blonde curled hair and fair skin colour. Since I couldn’t really find a good picture of her from the movie, I found a gorgeous one of her from the movie premiere at the Venice Film Festival. In my opinion she seems to be channeling Grace Kelly with her belted shirtwaist-looking dress complete with a full skirt.



Grace Kelly

For my internship I got to write the feature article for our November/December issue. The TIFF Bell Lightbox will be hosting a Grace Kelly exhibition beginning in the middle of November. As a result, I’ve really become interested in Princess Grace. Not only was she a classic style icon of my favourite era: the 1950s, but she also lived every girl’s dream. She went from Hollywood’s golden girl to capturing the heart of a prince. Her name says it all, Grace was the epitome of beauty and elegance.

Princess Grace in a blue shirtwaist dress with her signature Hermes Kelly bag.