The Body Shop’s New Scent

I’ve been meaning to hit up The Body Shop. It’s truly a place that you take for granted when you don’t live near a mall. #NYCProblems. There is one near my work so I decided to drag my friend into the store with me. I had my eye on a tea tree oil product I was sidetracked by the line of Absinthe scented products. I was expecting a licorice scent because I’ve actually had absinthe and it’s derived from anise. Though the smell wasn’t quite as licorice-based as I hoped, it still smelt very refreshing and clean. I think it’s a great unisex scented product. I really wanted to purchase the hand wash but spent too much this morning on Drake tickets. I know, priorities.


this or that?

F As In Frank

Also, as in the sickest vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s, it’ll blow your mind. If you’re an 80s kid or early 90s you will appreciate this store. I’m talking vintage Space Jam tanks, an Atlanta Braves snapback, and Coogi sweaters. If you have no idea what I just said, then stop reading now (kidding). My fashion sense is very 1980s, so when I stumbled across F As In Frank’s website, I was gushing. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so why not embrace that aspect? You don’t have to be all Balenciaga/Louis/Gucci all the time. They have a store in Vancouver and a new store in Toronto (West Queen St., to be exact). I haven’t made it over to the shop yet, since I just discovered them today, but rest assured, a trip will be made. I am obsessed with their tanks, and I must admit I really want a crazy Coogi sweater. It’ll be my personal homage to the 90s rap/hip-hop scene. Here’s their website. Check it out.

My picks:

Who wouldn’t want to rock this tank in the summer, complete with light wash cut-off jean shorts?

This Coogi sweater looks like the one Drake and Andy Samberg wore on SNL the other night.