Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin


Many of you probably recognize or use Dr. Jart+ brand BB creams. I feel like that was the first BB cream brand that made it big in the US. So I got this small duo pack of Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin liquid and cream back in the winter. I read many reviews on Sephora.com and they all raved about how amazing this product is and that it’s particularly great for dry skin. I happen to have desert-textured skin during the winter, yeah it’s pretty bad. So far, I really like the product. It definitely leaves my skin feeling hydrated; however, my biggest problem is the complete imbalance in this duo-product’s size. You get .30mL of the liquid and .15 of the cream, how does that equal out? I’m basically done with the cream, as you can tell, but I have half the bottle of liquid left. Not cool, Dr.Jart+.

Anyway, I do recommend this product if you have very dry skin. It is a bit pricey for both, that’s why I opted for this duo-set. My next experiment will be to pair the rest of the liquid with a different moisturizer since I’ve run out of the Ceramidin. I’m sure it will similar results.

Sephora Wish List

And the list goes on and on, trust me, but this product is something I’ve been really intrigued by. It’s Dr.Jart+ BB Balm. As soon as I run out of my primer I’m running to Sephora ASAP to pick up a bottle.

The gold bottle works to even skin tone and provide sun protection (SPF 45). The black bottle is a new formula which provides age defense, works to even out skin tone and hide blemishes (SPF 25). Check out more here.