Jil Sander S/S ’12




Jil Sander is traditionally known for clean, whites, and minimalism. This collection is no different. In a Fashion Week full of pattern, Jil Sander only features a few. With a small variety of patterns, prints, and colours, they truly stand out. To me, the collection is a modern take on the 50s and 60s. The silhouettes echo classic feminine looks of the early 60s. I hate to say it, but I can’t help but to think of it as Jil Sander’s Mad Men.




Here’s the rest of the collection.











Prada S/S ’12

At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about the S/S ’12 Prada show. I thought it oddly structured and almost unfinished looking. But after a few “second looks,” I don’t think it’s so bad. In fact there are some pieces that are absolutely beautiful and would be flattering on any woman. I suppose from the banana print, the retro car isn’t too much of a stretch. For me, Prada is classic elegance with a modern edge. Their use of graphic prints in the past few collections is really targeting a younger woman. I feel like they are trying to make the line more appealing to the 18-25 age rather than their previous clientele of 35+. Regardless, the pieces I’ve included here are my favourites and what I think is interesting. I’ve always liked the 50s/early 60s look. It is what I would wear from the collection.