The Girl

HBO’s latest project is The Girl, a movie that explores the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and leading lady Tippi Hedren (The Birds). Sienna Miller and Toby Jones take on the lead roles in this exciting venture. HBO plans to release the movie in October, for Halloween perhaps? Regardless I cannot wait. I’ve been fascinated with Hitchcock since I wrote about Grace Kelly for my magazine internship last summer. He was certainly an interesting man and I look forward to seeing Jones’s portrayal of the master of suspense. Sienna’s ability to transform, and of course the fashion, have also caught my eye. Below are a few photos that have recently surfaced from the film.



Style Icon: Ali MacGraw

I took a style quiz today on MSN and was most surprised when I was aligned with 70s style maven Ali MacGraw. I’m ashamed to say I had not heard of her until today. So naturally I did some research and was proud the MSN style icon generator told me my style is like Ali’s. She’s a gorgeous woman best known for her role in Love Story, oh and she also was married to the equally good-looking Steve McQueen.

Dark Shadows Palette

Nyx cosmetics, one of my favorite brands, has come out with a Dark Shadows palette to go along with the highly anticipated Tim Burton film! I am dying to get my hands on this palette, there is so much included and it’s such a great price.

purchase here 

The Muppet Collection for OPI

Just bought this lovely colour yesterday, it’s called Rainbow Connection. (cute, right?)

Here is picture of the rest of the collection and I love all the colours. There is a colour called “Wocka Wocka” and I may get it for my friend as a joke because she loves Wocka Flocka, and of course, nail polish.